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Athlete Spotlight October: Marie McCormick

Congratulations to our Athlete Spotlight for October! We are very proud of Marie for all the hard work she continues to put in!

Here is a little about Marie:

1. Tell us a little bit about you and the family.

My husband Brian and I have been married 25 years. We have 3 adult children: Katelyn, Levi and Ashley. Brian is a Chaplain stationed at Langley AFB. Katelyn is a junior at Lipscomb Christian University in Nashville, she is studying nutrition/dietetics. Levi is working on his GED and Ashley is beginning her first year at RCC.

2. Occupation:

Currently I work for Gloucester County Public Schools as a special needs bus aide/school bus driver.

3. Hobbies/Interests:

When I'm not at Crossfit I enjoy watching classic/old movies, knitting and spinning yarn. I also enjoy living in the country and owning chickens. I love animals and would have a small zoo if my husband allowed it

4. Words to live by/favorite quote:

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13.

I have a list of Crossfit sayings hanging on my fridge, my favorite one says: Can't breathe, Can't move, Can't get enough!

5. Something we don’t know about you:

Something you don't you don't know about me: I've been to South Korea, Iceland, Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia.

6. Fitness background:

In high school I discovered that I felt better when I exercised. I briefly tried running. I also did aerobics, step aerobics and jazzercize.

7. Time CrossFitting:

I found out about Crossfit in 2011 when we lived in WA state. I went to that Box for 3 or 4 months before we moved to Gloucester. I was thrilled when I saw a Crossfit sign at the White Marsh Shopping Center in 2013. I immediately went to the door and met Bill and Emily. Katelyn, Levi and I came to the first class on my birthday that January. I stayed with it for 2 years. Then I took a year off. I missed it so much and felt so gross!! Last August, Levi and I started coming back. Steph let us slide into the 9 am class every day after my morning bus run. It was the perfect time of day and I was able to be there consistently. We changed times during the summer but look forward to going back to the 9 am class when school starts.

8. How has CFG changed your life?

How has CFG changed my life? Every WOD is a mental and physical challenge! The strength training and metcons have really improved my confidence and stamina. This carries over into my life at home and has helped me process my children growing up as well as helping me adjust to being in my 50's. I look forward to seeing who will be in class and I enjoy the camaraderie that comes from working and sweating together!! The sense of community is awesome and it's motivating to workout with people of different ages and abilities. Crossfit is a highlight of my day! I really love that it’s something Levi, Katelyn and I can do together!

9. Training goals:

I want to do pull ups, be able to deadlift my own weight and one day complete a Tough Mudder.

10. Favorite movement:

deadlifts and back squats

11. Least favorite movement:

any type of snatch

12. Your advice for someone considering starting CrossFit:

Don't worry about how out of shape you are, just get started. You can begin Crossfit at any stage in your life and see improvement! The coaches will help you learn how to lift correctly and help you scale the WOD's to your ability. You're only competing against yourself and the person you were yesterday.

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