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When I joined CrossFit in 2015, I was terrified.  I knew I couldn't lift weights like the other athletes at CF Gloucester.  I was your typical gym goer of doing leg days, back days, etc., hitting plateaus in weight lifting and becoming bored of the same thing every week.  

I can now lift heavy weights, do Olympic lifts, and gymnastic moves that I thought were impossible back in my gym routine days.  The atmosphere is amazing, coaches are amazing, and there are athletes of all skills levels working right beside you and rooting for the last person to finish the WOD.  I never thought I'd like CrossFit, or could do CrossFit, but anyone can do it.  CrossFit is for anyone that wants to become a stronger and healthier person.



It is safe to say that CrossFit has impacted every area of my life in so many ways. Everyone thinks it is only about the physical transformations which are impressive but there is so much more. The community and family, particularly at CrossFit Gloucester, is incredible. I had just moved into the area when I joined and the difference in atmosphere from a traditional gym was immediately noticeable. Everyone was welcoming and encouraging. Gym buddies quickly turn to strong friendship and being around like minded people is an amazing asset when trying to achieve your goals. Competitions, meet and greets, and group activities all create a family atmosphere and bond amongst the entire group I wouldn't trade. 


After starting my CrossFit journey in July, I have learned so much! This is the first time I've been able to stick with a workout routine for this long. After being very sedentary for many years, I won't lie there were times I thought I would die or hurt myself but the coaches are amazing and supportive! You simply do what you can do and scale it to your level. I can't tell you how great it is to feel stronger and more fit, but also empowered at this time of my life!


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