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CrossFit Classes

Monday - Friday

  • 5:15 AM

  • 10:00 AM

  • 4:30 PM

  • 5:30 PM (Mon-Thurs)

  • 6:30 PM (Mon - Thurs)


  • 9:00 AM 

            Team Training

Want your team to take their conditioning to the next level?  We offer strength and conditioning for local athletic teams.  Contact us for more details. 

          CrossFit 101

All new athletes must take CrossFit 101 before joining regular CrossFit classes.  101 is a series of three private classes where the athletes learn the fundamental movements and work on skills to help them become better prepared to join the regular classes. Once an athlete has completed all 101 sessions they can attend any of the daily CrossFit classes.  


See the 'Get Started' page for more details or to register.

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