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Athlete Spotlight - July

Congrats to Jenn on being chosen for our Athlete Spotlight for July!

Here is what Jenn has to say:

**Tell us a little bit about you and the family-

I am a misplaced Texan, married to a Virginia boy with three crazy sons—ages 11, 13, & 15.We live in Hayes with our two dogs and two cats (I am a large dog person who secretly enjoys cats too).

**Occupation: Cost & Schedule Analyst for NASA Flight Projects


I play clarinet and bass clarinet in our local Courthouse Community Orchestra, and I enjoy playing volleyball, snow skiing, hiking, stream fishing, and pretty much anything a person can do in the mountains (I am a mountain girl stuck in a beach environment).

**Words to live by/favorite quote-

You become who you surround yourself with.

**Something we don’t know about you-

I know how to start a nuclear reactor and can change the oil in a diesel engine that is bigger than your house.

**Fitness background-

I played multiple sports through high school, dabbled in weightlifting in college, and used to do Bodypump classes in town at the big gyms.

**Time CrossFitting- A year and a couple of months

**How has CFG changed your life?

I expected some of the physical changes, but I didn’t expect to be doing what I’m doing right now in my early 40s! For the first time I can remember, I was not worried at all about swimsuit season.I just completed a 9-mile Spartan obstacle course, and I don’t get worn out or sore trying to keep up with my boys during family vacations.I haven’t been sick (except for seasonal allergies/sinuses) since I started CrossFit.I also didn’t expect the mental changes--if I can talk myself through every second of surviving a 45-minute grueling Hero WOD, I know I can endure many things life throws at me.

**Training goals-

When I grow up, I want to be just like Coach Steffie! Haha!Seriously, she is an inspiration and living proof that age is just a number—the human body is amazing and one day I will be doing muscle-ups just like her!

**Favorite movement-

These tend to change over time. I noticed that movements I used to enjoy are now my least favorite and vice versa.I started working hard on my weaknesses/least favorite movements and they became my favorites—in the meantime, my old favorites are now not so fun.It’s all part of constantly trying to improve—like a CrossFit circle of evolution!I currently enjoy squat snatches and anything hanging from a bar. I will also admit that I don’t mind the dreaded Airdyne bike anymore (because I make myself get on that thing every single day.)

**Least favorite movement-

Currently, thrusters and rowing (I used to LIKE thrusters, and this year’s CrossFit Open sort of “ruined” rowing for me for a while—I’ll get over it.)

**Your advice for someone considering starting CrossFit-

If you haven’t started yet—what are you waiting for? I was scared to death to walk in my first day—I drove by many times and saw through the window the crazy gymnastic movements everyone was doing and thought I was way too old to attempt that.Based on all my previous gym experience, I thought people would make fun of me/judge me for not being able to do all those “crazy” things.I finally went in for a free community session and found out that you are not too old or too young. You are not too weak (or too strong!)CrossFit is for everyone, and it is what you make of it—every movement can be scaled back, and the intensity is determined by how hard you push.The best part is the community of people around you—no one judges you for scaling back. They’ve all been in your shoes—it is the most welcoming, amazing, supportive fitness environment I’ve ever encountered.I consider these people part of my family—and I have dropped in to other CrossFit locations, and it’s the same way everywhere!

Three things once you get started.

1) Definitely take a “before” picture and measurements--even if you consider yourself “in shape”!You will be surprised at how fast your body changes, and my only CrossFit regret is not having a “before” picture.

2) Record your weights and WOD results every day (I use an app on my phone)—it is hard to remember where you started (and weighing yourself only works for a little bit—muscle weighs more than fat.)Having a record will provide solid proof that you are improving every day, and give you motivation to keep coming back.

3) Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to everyone else in class.Do what you need to do for yourself—don’t try to keep up with everyone else.Take the time to learn proper technique and be consistent--you will start surpassing others soon enough.

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