Athlete Spotlight - June

June 5, 2017

If you come in the evenings you have definitely seen our athlete who we are putting the spotlight on this month even though you probably don't hear much from him!  Matt has been consistent with attending the evening classes since he started CrossFit and the coaches are proud of all the progress he has made!  Congrats Matt on being our first Athlete Spotlight!


Here is a little bit about Matt - 


Tell us a little bit about you and the family.

-I am 32 years old and I am from Mathews county. I currently live in Gloucester Point and work at the Shipyard. My parents live in Mathews. My mother is a school teacher and my father is retired from the Shipyard. I have one older sister who is married with two kids.



-Electrical Designer at Newport News Shipyard



-Crossfit, reading, football, hunting


Words to live by/favorite quote

-If something isn’t a little scary, it probably isn’t worth your time.


Something we don’t know about you

-I graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in IT.


Fitness background

-I never weight lifted or worked out in a gym before coming to CFG.


Time CrossFitting

-1 year, 5 months


How has CFG changed your life?

-CFG has changed my life by helping me to get into the best shape of my life and raise my overall self-esteem. Also at CFG I have met lots of new people and formed new friendships.


Training goals

-Nothing too specific, just continue to get stronger and increase my endurance. Eventually I hope to be able to do a muscle up.


Favorite movement

-Push Jerk


Least favorite movement

-Squat Snatch


Your advice for someone considering starting CrossFit.

-Just go for it. I put off starting for a while because I was a little scared and not sure if physically I could do it. Now I wish I had started sooner. Not only will you grow physically stronger, but you will also meet lots of great people.


Congrats, Matt!  Keep up the good work!











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