CrossFit Gloucester


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CrossFit 101 - Intro To CrossFit

      M, W, F 6:00-7:00 PM - Starts 1st Monday of each month

CrossFit Kids - 4 Week Sessions 

      T  & TH 4:45-5:15 PM (30 Minute Classes)

CrossFit Classes - Monday-Friday (60 Minute Classes)

  •    5:30 AM
  •    9:00 AM     
  •    4:30 PM
  •    5:30 PM
  •    6:30 PM - No 6:30 PM on Fridays!!!
Saturday / Bring A New Friend for FREE Day - 9:00 AM

Beginners CrossFit  - ONLY $99, $6 / Class
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • 5:45 PM - 45 Minutes
Saturday - 9:00 - 60 Minutes

Location: 4924 George Washington Memorial Hwy. 
 White Marsh Shopping Center  
Hayes VA. 23072
Mailing Address: 5403 Discovery Park Blvd, Williamsburg, VA 23188
Phone: 757-903-8288

BRAND NEW TO CrossFit? - CROSSFIT 101: Let us get you started through 101, a series of 6 semi private sessions with a coach  to teach you the fundamental movements and some skill work to prepare you to join the classes.  101 starts the first Monday of the month.

BOOTCAMP - Open to Anyone


  • professional safe fun environment 
  • we will know your name as you come through the door
  • we will learn your strengths and weaknesses and give you individual attention
  • to make new friends 
  • Improvement in the 10 General Physical Skills: Cardio/Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed,    Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy
  • something new and challenging everyday
  • to do things you never thought possible
  • constantly varied functional movements at high intensities
  • full range of motion, compound movements, "no under used muscles or isolated movements"
  • loud music, you can drop your weights and take off your shirt
  • the coach will hold you accountable
  • a whole new outlook on nutrition - "eat clean and perform better inside and outside of the gym"